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Expanded Rubber and Plastics Corporation was founded in 1957 by Peter Parfitt. Peter had been working as a latex salesman for a Los Angeles based company with a strong presence in the then-booming Southern California aerospace market. Noticing an opportunity in the aerospace industry for fabricated plastic and foam parts, Peter set up a small manufacturing operation in his garage to satisfy this niche. He named his new venture Expanded Rubber and Plastics.



By the early 1970s, ERP was a well-established aerospace manufacturer focusing on fabricated plastic assemblies, vacuum forming, molded urethane parts, liquid urethane compounding, and Ensulite/Royalite warehousing. By the mid-‘90s, ERP had grown substantially and added manufacturing capabilities in composite materials, aircraft insulation blankets, and silicone seals and gaskets.

Today, ERP continues our core mission of providing superior, integrated manufacturing and engineering solutions to the aerospace industry.  See our Services and Production Capabilities for more about how we help our customers succeed.


We are conveniently located in the heart of the Southern California aerospace industry, easily accessible by car from LAX, Long Beach Airport, Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County.

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